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The Hope Project is an annual fundraising campaign​

The Hope Project is an annual fundraising campaign with a global and local impact. Guided by one of our core principles, ‘The Opportunity to Make a Difference,’ this initiative has previously funded projects such as building wells in Africa, assisting missionaries after accidents, aiding the homeless in Ottawa, and supporting women’s shelters. Join us in making a positive change worldwide and within our community!

The Hope Project: Brazil

Missionaries to Brazil. Speak about what we are fundraising for and where the money is going, etc.

Fusion Groups

Building meaningful relationships doesn’t naturally occur in the new world of smartphones and social media… that’s why we do Fusion. Fusion are small groups that break bread, pray and fellowship. 
  • 10-20 people in attendance
  • Food, Fun, Fellowship
  • Creative Group, Outdoor Adventure Club, Cuisine Club, Topical Bible Study, Ladies Book Club...and more!

Outdoor Adventure Club

Adventure awaits in the great outdoors! Come and enjoy some fresh air, fellowship and good conversation with like-minded people while exploring the trails of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Cuisine Club

So you’re passionate about food? You love to cook it, bake it, present it on the plate just so… eat it? The Cuisine Club is what you have been looking for. Here’s your chance to improve your chef skills and enjoy tasty treats! 

Topical Bible Study

The treasures that can be found inside the Word of God are never ending. The Bible is a road map for life, it’s like a cool refreshing drink in a dry place and a light on your path in a dark world. Are you looking to drill down into the bedrock of scripture? Join this group that meets monthly to choose relevant topics and then dig them out together… with coffee in hand.

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